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Flavored Black/Green Tea

Doehi Tea offers the finest quality and most complex blends of Flavored Black & Green Teas on the market. Hailing from some of the most prominent estates and locales around the world, you are invited to explore our assortment of high-quality Flavored Black & Green Teas. With Doehi, you will wander into a garden of enchanting aromas, unique flavors, and new pleasures. Black Tea experiences the longest processing method. After picking select leaves, they are sun dried to the point of wilting, ever so slightly. The leaves then undergo the process of oxidation. This is where water evaporates from the leaves, so they are able to absorb oxygen. This results in the colors of the leaves darkening, becoming brown or black. You are then left with a tea that is vibrant, robust, and delicious. Green Tea on the other hand, undergoes a minimal oxidation process. Green Tea varieties differ greatly depending on the growing conditions, horticulture, how it’s processed, and when it is harvested. After picking, select leaves are allowed to wither only slightly, then removed abruptly, stopping the oxidation process altogether. The leaves are then rapidly heated, which causes Green Tea to have less caffeine than Black Tea. It further grants Green Tea a more subtle flavor with varying undertones. We then combine the two, infusing the tea blend with traditional and signature blends of herbs, spices, and blossoms. We do this in order to give you the absolute best flavors, the most captivating aromas, and the most unique fusion experience imaginable.

Moon Magic

Magic is in the air, basking in the moonlight. Become one with the night as you revel in the flavors of Black Tea, Green Tea, papaya cubes, rose hip peel, select spices, and sunflower blossoms. Embrace the calm as you find peace and solace with this exclusive, and magical blend.

Ingredients: black tea (56%), green tea (20%), papaya cubes (papaya, sugar), rose hip peel, flavoring, sunflower blossoms.

Brewing Advice: 5 minutes 200-206 F (+/- 96C) 4g (2 teaspoon)/2-cups teapot

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Very Cherry Iced Tea

Our Very Cherry Iced Tea steeps into a lovely red infusion with a candied cherry aroma and juicy flavor. A delicious blend of sour cherries, both black and green tea, hibiscus and a hint of orange peel is a refreshing and healthy iced tea.

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