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Green Tea

Tea to Celebrate Friendship

What better way to celebrate your friendship than to have a very personal get together. A perfect time to have all of those silly delicious snacks you both enjoy, and to sip your favorite tea.


Friendship means something different to everyone, except for a few common perceptions. A friend is there for you when you need them the most. A friend is someone you can turn to when you feel alone, or need someone to talk to. When you feel as though no one in the world understands what you are going through – a friend, your friend, will understand every bit. They will never turn you away when you are in need, and they will never walk away and leave you behind.

A Friend in Need…

A friend in need is a friend indeed. That is the saying. But why? Why is it that when we are in need, we are being a true friend? The answer is rather simple, really. You see, when you are in need, and you are open about it with your true friend, you are being open. You are being vulnerable. Vulnerability is the ultimate testament of friendship. Helping someone is heartfelt and kind, but having the ability to ask for help shows your friend that you trust them. You trust them enough to let them in.

What Goes Into Friendship?

Flaws. Differences. Love. Anger. Trust. Joy. Many things make a friendship work. Not just the things you both have in common, but the things that make you both very different from one another. The reason why these friendships work best, is due to balance. One thinks with their heart, while the other uses only logic. One relies on their gut feelings, while the other relies on facts and proof. These things are the very things that draw you both together. These things allow you to both become the balance you each need.

Why Tea?

Tea can be cold or warm, sweet or natural. Tea takes many ingredients, and blends them together. The ingredients create a sense of balance. They are each very different, but together, they create a perfect whole. Each ingredient alone is special, but combined – together – they create something new. The similarities between tea and friendship are the same unique qualities that binds them together, and ultimately, makes them work. Enjoy them with someone you call a friend, today.

Tea: Facts and Traditions pt.1

Tea, by and large, is one of the most popular drinks on the planet. It comes in over 3,000 varieties, and even inspires a multitude of herbal and infused drinks. As tea is so beloved in the US, it is actually a significant cultural anchor in many regions of the world.

Tea remains a drink that is bound by tradition in some nations, and is a connection to a legendary past in others. In fact, tea is arguably the official drink of India, Iran, and Britain. Green tea is also considered to be one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. Here, we will look at some other interesting facts surrounding tea.

Elevenses: Elevenses is a fantastic English tradition in which at 11 o’clock am, a break can be taken in order to remain alert and sharp. It is taken most commonly with a cup of tea and cakes. Elevenses, in Cornwall, was also known as Crib.

High Tea: High tea is, like elevenses, a break where tea and cakes are consumed. However, high tea is taken traditionally before dinner time, but later in the day.

An Accompaniment: Tea alone is fantastic in every way. However, it is common in some parts of the word for tea to accompany a specific food. In England, tea does well to accompany cakes or cucumber sandwiches. In Assam, tea complements an assortment of chocolate desserts. In Japan, seafood is an excellent companion for seafood, and in India, as a partner to spicy entrees.

Playing it Loose and Fast: Loose leaf tea is most notable for being a higher quality, and for its ability to retain more flavor, nutrients, and aroma than crushed tea. Loose leaf tea can sometimes be steeped more than once. Depending on the type of loose leaf tea, it may be steeped up to 4 to 5 times before losing its quality or flavor.

Naturally Repelling: Dampened tea leaves also make a fantastic all-natural insect repellant. The oils that are released when moistened releases a chemical which keeps away unwanted pests. It is also the leaves natural ability to ward off intruders while growing naturally.

Tea has become well acquainted with many wonderful traditions, and has become a part of everyday life for many people of all different races, beliefs, and cultures all over the world. Tea is not only a refreshing iced drink, or a warm evening beverage – it is a look into history. It is an ageless device that surrounds tall tales and fabled legends. It is also a focal point of many historical events. And to some, it just makes a really good beverage.

A Healthy Start: The Health Benefits of Drinking Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea has many beautiful advantages: Higher energy, improved health, and another line of defense against degenerative and cancerous diseases, are but a few.


Despite the numerous brands and infusions, tea consists only of six (6) primary varieties. These are Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Yellow Tea, Post-Fermented Tea, and Oolong Tea. The many notable forms of tea, such as Herbal Tea, Earl Grey, and Cranberry Rose, etc., each maintain a balance of one of the six primary teas, but are infused with different plants in order to bring about new aromas and flavors.

What some know, but many do not realize, is that tea has properties which lend to health and vitality. Many studies have performed looking into the reasons why tea produces so many health benefits. Researchers now know that tea embodies two (2) distinct properties which contribute to health. One, is a type of antioxidant called polyphenols. The second, are phytochemicals. These properties have a profound effect on the human body, and in numerous ways.

Fat Loss and Muscle Endurance

Catechins are a flaven-3-ol, which is a type of phenol and antioxidant. Catechins are a phytochemical compound which is found in Green Tea. Researchers have discovered that the catechin increases the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. The result is an increase in muscle endurance, and weight loss. In fact, a study published on PubMed, demonstrated that drinking Green Tea resulted in notable fat loss in study participants.

Heart Attack

A report issued by BBC News, concluded that drinking four (4) cups of tea per day actually reduces the chance of heart attack. In addition, tea consumption lessens the risk for numerous cardiovascular and degenerative heart diseases. These studies have been performed world-wide, and used numerous participant groups in order to document certifiable results.


Some studies suggest that the antioxidants in tea may help protect the body against a numerous types and forms of cancer. This includes breast cancer, colon cancer, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, and cancer of the small intestine, pancreas, and liver. Some studies even suggest tea may help in the reduction for ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and some oral cancers. However, current studies have not proven total eradication or elimination of all risks, although more and more studies are being done that show the chances for contracting these forms of cancer are reduced. For example, a study noted by The Telegraph, demonstrated that tea reduced the chances for breast cancer in women under 50 by one-third (1/3).

Free Radicals

Another study has shown that tea is among the selected foods that help to eliminate free radicals, which damage DNA. Damage from free radicals may lead to neurological degeneration, heart disease, and cancer. Tea helps fight free radicals because of its Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, or ORAC.

Finding Health in New Places

Welcome to the world of tea. There are numerous infusions and blends which relax the body and sooth the soul. Tea can replace your morning cup of coffee giving you the same energy, while eliminating the jitters or shakes that may accompany it. The transition to tea is seamless, and can offer you a whole new world of enjoyment. The many blends and infusions will allow you to enjoy your mornings, afternoons, and evenings with an all new flavor, each and every time. Step into a life of new health and new flavor.


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