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loose leaf teas

Why Loose Leaf Tea? Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags

When it comes to the differences between loose leaf vs tea bags, they are as numerous as they are obvious. The Differences are clearly illustrated in the appearance, quality, and most of all – the flavor.

Why Put Awesomeness in a Bag?

Everyday, many tea lovers ask the question, “what are the differences between loose leaf vs tea bags?”You may be used to the convenience of using tea bags to make your hot or iced tea. While it could take less time than making loose leaf tea, what are you missing out on when you drink tea that is made from tea bags? Most of the time tea bags only have the dust and fanning of the tea leaves. Another thing to think about is that the tea actually releases more tannins than full leaf tea. This means that you are going to experience more of a bitter taste than with whole leaf tea.

Bag the Bag – Go Loose Leaf

When you are working with tea bags, you can get better quality than some if you check how big the bag is. When the bag is bigger it may keep from constraining the leaves as much, and that may make it better, but it isn’t the best. When you have loose leaf tea you will see – and taste – a major difference. If you aren’t sure if you can tell the difference, it is easy to experiment. You can taste one after the other and taste the difference for yourself. The brew will be limited with standard tea bags, however, giving you less of an option when it comes to flavors.

Loose Leaf – Because You Deserve It

When you use loose leaf teas you are going to experience aroma and flavor like you have never experienced before in your life. To buy tea off the shelf in your local grocery store, you are basically taking a chance on industrial scale produced teas. These usually sit on a shelf for long periods of time, further degrading their flavor. Indulging on teas that are hand crafted by tea professionals will make your brew amazing, limited only by your imagination. When it comes to loose leaf vs tea bags, the difference is clear.

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