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tea cocktail recipes

Tea Cocktails and New Year’s Eve: Time to Party!

In your (seemingly) never ending quest to come up with new and delicious drink ideas for your New Year’s Eve party this year, fear not! Here are some delicious and unique blends that involve different varieties of tea. Batten down the hatches, this party is going to kick things up a notch!

Tea Cocktails and New Year’s Eve – Enjoy!

When it comes to tea cocktails and New Year’s Eve, just remember that tea doesn’t always have to be “proper”. You can have a whole lot of fun with the variety of flavors. This New Year’s Eve, mix things up a bit and try these fantastic adult beverages that each use the unique flavor of tea as a base. Not sure how they will taste? Here are some delicious blends for you to test out before setting them out this New Year’s Eve! Enjoy! (P.S. You can thank me later!)

Get Your Fruit On

Want to keep the health train going even while having some fun? Now, this may not be exactly what your nutritionist ordered, but hey…it’s New Year’s Eve, right? Check out this Sweet Orange and Cantaloupe Daiquiri, it is going to make you want to add it to your regular diet! All you need to do is prepare 1 ½ oz. of Sweet Orange Tea as directed. Remove the tea and keep the liquid. Combine 1 ½ oz. vodka, 3 oz. frozen cubed cantaloupe, a splash of lemon juice and 1 oz. of coconut milk in a blender or bullet. Blend well. The drink looks cute and tastes great, your guests are going to love it!

Surprise Guests with a Beautifully Designed Drink

What woman – or man for that matter – doesn’t love chocolate? Grab 4 oz. of Chocolate Pu-erh tea, 2 oz. of some super yummy Dutch chocolate vodka, and don’t forget the heavy cream. Prepare the Chocolate Pu-erh Tea as directed. Whip the cream, a dash of vanilla, and some sugar until it forms stiff peaks. Combine the tea and the vodka and stir. Top it off with the whipped cream, and enjoy! (Tip: Sprinkling a little dry cocoa powder over the cream is an excellent touch!)

Be the Talk of the Party

There are so many people who truly love and appreciate tea, so infusing them with these amazing cocktails adds a new dimension to their depth and flavor. While you are getting ready for your party, it would only make sense to try out some of these recipes ahead of time, right? Go ahead and enjoy some with a few friends before you bring them out to the world. Delicious! This year, tea cocktails and New Year’s Eve go hand in hand!

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