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Tea for the Holidays

Tea for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to show thanks and appreciation for the blessings in your life. Family and friends gather and feast. But what happens afterwards? Why not end the day enjoying a warm cup of tea together to say farewell until next year.

A Time for Blessings

Thanksgiving is a day is full of memories and traditions. There are certain family recipes some enjoy cooking together, and the smell is always delightful. Some are in the kitchen and some are watching football games, while others simply enjoy the conversations. Maybe you have set traditions, or maybe this is your first Thanksgiving as a new family. Whatever the case, it is never too late to create a new tradition. Family comes first, and that is why honoring the old ways should always go hand in hand with fresh and new beginnings.

Tea. A New Thanksgiving Tradition?

After Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten, laughs and conversations have been had, and the pie plates are sitting next to the sink – what happens next? Maybe your family sits and watches a movie, or everyone excuses themselves to nap in separate rooms. Well, this Thanksgiving, maybe you can end the night sitting back around the table or gathering in the living room and saying a final cheers to celebrate, laugh, and further show appreciation for each other, the blessings and the love in the air. Beginning a new tradition is easy. Especially when it is reinforced by love and togetherness. Enjoyment is a fantastic way to start a tradition off right.

Type of Tea to Help End the Day

A simple smooth green tea is highly suggested to help ease and digest that big Thanksgiving dinner. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and increases fat burning which are both great choices after a feast. Green tea helps also helps you to slow down and relax, this is because of a natural chemical called theanine. What better way to end the day then by adding a dose of amazing health benefits to the mix.

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