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tea parties

Crazy For Tea: You Don’t Have to be the Mad Hatter

When it comes to tea party ideas, Alice in Wonderland can be a wonderful inspiration. It is definitely unique, and can take you and your guests to a whole new place.

Throwing the Best Tea Party – EVER

New Year’s Eve is a time to get loose, enjoy what you love and celebrate the newness of things. You have a clean slate to start on! No one can point back to what you haven’t accomplished because it is a new year and anything is possible. Why not have the most amazing tea party ever put on? Here are some fun ideas that can get you started on the right path to a fun frenzy.

Go Through the Looking Glass

Anyone can have a normal party with normal drinks and normal outfits. Why not take a page from Alice in Wonderland and have a rocking party that no one will forget? There are a couple of ways you could do this. You can assign characters to everyone so you don’t end up with a bunch of Mad Hatters and Alices, or you can just do what feels fun? Why not have all Alices? Guys and Gals? You can have so much fun with the costumes, and if you do masks you can really get everyone confused. Especially if everyone is drinking boozy tea and everyone is getting a little tipsy ; )

Interesting Foods

Since you’re going through the looking glass you should consider having strange food concoctions that are each friend’s specialty. It makes is more fun when things are a mystery. You’ll really feel like you are chasing the white rabbit! If you’re looking for unique and fun, then this is going to be something that will hit the spot. The memories that you will create and the fun that you have will be unmatched by any other parties going on around you. They won’t be able to compete, so you’ll be party king/queen – just don’t lose your head.

Mothers and Daughters: Bonding Over Tea

Mothers and daughters share a bond that is different from any other. The beauty and grace that is the love shared between the two can strengthen future relationships, embracing true companionship and trust.


As we already know, tea is the most popular beverage in the world next to water. Tea boasts health benefits, and has a flavor that is often unmatched. The botanical aroma gives truth to the natural and earthy flavor. The florals which act as accents to the camellia sinensis offer additional organic top notes, while a touch of spice may act as a support to the foundation.


The truest elements when it comes to the enjoyment of tea, is perhaps the state of mind, and the company.

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters enjoy a different kind of bond. It is unique, and shared only between the two. It is for this reason more than any, that mothers and daughters can benefit greatly by setting aside time for tea. This is true when the daughter is but a child, and when the daughter is grown and with a family of her own.

As a child…

As a child, a daughter is kind and sweet, developing a sense of self. Discovery is her true passion, and deep down has no ill-will of any kind. She loves to play “tea time” with her stuffed animals, and often invites mother to play, too.

The stage has already been set for mother to join in. However, instead of pretend tea, mother can invite daughter to make real tea. Complement the occasion with milk and sugar, honey and lemon. This is an occasion for the good tea-ware. Believe me, even the stuffed animals will notice. Just ask your daughter!

As a teenager…

As a teenager, your daughter is experiencing the ups and downs, and rigors of life. They are learning to balance school, home life, relationships, perhaps even a part-time job. It is easy to forget the joys of sitting around the table with the tea and the laughter as a child – so don’t forget! Keep up with the tradition of sitting around the table, enjoying memories, discussing current events in each other’s lives, working out issues, or just laughing for a while. This will reinforce the bond you share, and will subsequently strengthen your love and friendship as you both get older.

As an adult…

As an adult, the little girl sitting across the table playing tea time, will be the daughter of your daughter. She will be kind and sweet, developing a sense of self. Discovery is her true passion, and deep down has no ill-will of any kind. Her mother will be invited to play tea time with her, and her stuffed animals, too.

This time, however, mommy will be inviting a guest of her own – grandmother! As three generations sit and discuss memories, and laughing and relaxing, the world will seem to wait until you return. But for now, a tradition is being made. Bonds are being strengthened. Love is being nurtured. This, in turn, will be taught and shared through the generations. Time will be set aside for mothers and daughters to enjoy each other’s love and friendship. Oh, and the tea, as well.

Fun in the Sun: Tropical Summer Tea Party

Summertime is one of the best seasons to have a genuine tea party. The warmth and sunlight make for the perfect occasion to introduce your collection of fine ice tea blends. Here is one flavorful idea that will help you to make the most out of your very own tea party.


When planning a genuine summer tea party, much like any other party, there are steps to take and planning to do. You will first want to decide on your tea party’s theme. This theme can incorporate a specific color palette, visual flare, or motif. This concept stage is important, as it will be the determining factor in many things moving forward. One great option, is a tropical theme.

This tropical inspired theme can also go well if you decide to introduce your guests to your fruit-inspired ice tea collection. These assortments can include a wide range of teas such as: Orange Cookies (Chai Tea), White Grape (Decaf Tea), Jackfruit (Flavored Black & Green Teas), Strawberry Cream (Green Tea Flavored), Berry Melon (Green Tea Flavored), Wellness Orange/Grapefruit (Ice Tea), Goji Pear Melon (Ice Tea). These teas will make wonderful additions to your tropical theme.

Now that you have your tea lineup and your tropical theme decided, you must then start decorating! A fantastic setup is one of simplicity and elegance. You can begin with a simple table and two smaller end tables. They do not have to match, as you will be covering them each with matching tablecloths. The tablecloths are best with a fruit theme. Possibly a variety of fruits. This will be your base to build upon.

Next, you will need three bowls. One should be large, and the other two, small. Place the largest one on the main table, and the other two on the end tables. Buy an assortment of fruits. Watermelon, papaya, mango, strawberries, bananas, kiwi, grapes, grapefruit, and select berries. Take one-third of each fruit and cube them up, and place them into the smaller bowls. Take the remaining fruit, and place them whole into the large bowl.

Purchasing several bouquets of flowers with varying color palettes is vital to this theme. Pluck the blossoms off of one-third of the flower bouquets. Place them strategically throughout the cubed fruit bowls. Pluck the petals from one-third of the flower bouquets, and strew them across the end tables. Take the remaining one-third, and place them in a vase by the large fruit bowl.

Now you need to begin brewing your different teas, keeping them in covered pots until they are called upon by the guests. Introduce your first masterful blend to the party, placing the tea pot on the large table. Be sure to have toothpicks available for the guests to sample the fruit cubes, or to add them to your tea. This theme will provide a sweet retreat from an average tea party, and create an air of fun and excitement!

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