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Tea to Celebrate Friendship

What better way to celebrate your friendship than to have a very personal get together. A perfect time to have all of those silly delicious snacks you both enjoy, and to sip your favorite tea.


Friendship means something different to everyone, except for a few common perceptions. A friend is there for you when you need them the most. A friend is someone you can turn to when you feel alone, or need someone to talk to. When you feel as though no one in the world understands what you are going through – a friend, your friend, will understand every bit. They will never turn you away when you are in need, and they will never walk away and leave you behind.

A Friend in Need…

A friend in need is a friend indeed. That is the saying. But why? Why is it that when we are in need, we are being a true friend? The answer is rather simple, really. You see, when you are in need, and you are open about it with your true friend, you are being open. You are being vulnerable. Vulnerability is the ultimate testament of friendship. Helping someone is heartfelt and kind, but having the ability to ask for help shows your friend that you trust them. You trust them enough to let them in.

What Goes Into Friendship?

Flaws. Differences. Love. Anger. Trust. Joy. Many things make a friendship work. Not just the things you both have in common, but the things that make you both very different from one another. The reason why these friendships work best, is due to balance. One thinks with their heart, while the other uses only logic. One relies on their gut feelings, while the other relies on facts and proof. These things are the very things that draw you both together. These things allow you to both become the balance you each need.

Why Tea?

Tea can be cold or warm, sweet or natural. Tea takes many ingredients, and blends them together. The ingredients create a sense of balance. They are each very different, but together, they create a perfect whole. Each ingredient alone is special, but combined – together – they create something new. The similarities between tea and friendship are the same unique qualities that binds them together, and ultimately, makes them work. Enjoy them with someone you call a friend, today.

Family Tea Time: A Tradition for the Whole Family

What is Family Tea Time

It is said that tea is not only a great way to relax your body, mind, and soul, but it is also very healthy and invigorating. Many people enjoy drinking tea, but many have not heard of the idea of family tea time. Family tea time is when a family sets aside a time each day where everyone sits down together to enjoy tea. This means it does not need to be on a holiday, or special occasion, but rather a daily tradition.


It is a great idea to get the whole family involved in the preparation of the tea. Maybe have one of your children set the table, and maybe set out some flowers for decoration. Family tea time is a great way to instill values into your children, such as the importance of setting aside time every day to enjoy your family, and focus solely on enjoying each other’s company with no distractions.

How it Works

To really get the full experience of family tea time, you will want to eliminate all distractions such as TV, cell phones, electronics, etc. Another is to try and save the heavy conversations for other times. This is because family tea time can be exciting for everyone in knowing that this time is for fun and light hearted conversations. But these are all suggestions. Family tea time can be however you would like it to be for your family.

What Type of Tea to Drink

There is no one type of tea for family tea time. You can use a fun flavored tea, or you can mix it up – the choice is yours. Maybe your tradition could include some cookies, freshly baked bread, etc. The important thing is that your family is together. Create a tradition that will last generations, and strengthen bonds that will last a lifetime.

Yerba Mate: A World Unto its Own

Yerba Mate is not only fun to say, it is also a nutritious and delightful drink. So many believe it to be a tea because of its packaging and appearance, however, it is actually a species of the Holly Family. Yerba mate’s invigorating qualities were used most heavily throughout Central and South America. Now, this awe inspiring drink is enjoyed the world over.

Why Drink It?

The truth is, most individuals do not drink Yerba Mate because it is a counterpart to tea. Most do not drink it because of its high nutritional value. Most do not drink it because they believe it to be a form of tea. Most drink Yerba Mate because it is different. They drink it because it is an interesting and delicious way to experience history and another culture.

History and Culture

In order to define its unique attributes, one must first understand the cultural impact this drink has had. Having first originated in Paraguay, Yerba Mate was first cultivated in Southern Brazil long before European colonization. It has since become a drink of tradition among the people of Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Yerba Mate is a most common drink within the borders of these nations, and is a staple of tradition and culture among their people.


The flavor of Yerba Mate is reminiscent of a tea with a floral bouquet. However, the difference between the two is also quite striking. Imagine a running stream with varying flower petals gently kissing the current. Now imagine that flavor with the slight essence of roasted nuts. Round that off with the pleasing aroma of the forest after a good rain. This drink speaks of generations who have come before, and whispers a song of history, culture, and delight.


The Legendary History of Tea: The Story of Shennong

The problem with explaining the history of tea is the fact that no one really knows for sure how it all began! I guess it all begins as many tales do – as a legend. So, as the legend goes…


The Story of Shennong

The story of the origin of tea revolves around a man, and the name of the man was, Shennong. His name meant, “Divine Farmer”. Shennong lived around 4,500 years ago, and he was a legendary ruler of China. This ruler is said to have taught his people, the Shennong – Shi, all about agricultural and herbal medicines. This is why he was also known as the Emperor of the Five Grains.

Shennong is accredited by the Chinese people as having invented a great many tools and methods related to farming, among other things. Some of these things are the axe, hoe, and plow. He is accredited with teaching his people how to dig irrigation wells, how to preserve seeds, etc. He is also accredited with inventing the Chinese calendar, and acupuncture.

The Great Discovery

As legend has it, one day Shennong, the Divine Farmer, was toiling in the woods one day in the autumn. After a hard day, Shennong decided to rest in the shade of a Camellia tree. While he was relaxing, he decided to boil some water for drinking. At this time, some dried leaves floated from the tree and into the pot of boiling water. It was there, that the first pot of tea came to be. Shennong, discovering the beautiful aroma found it pleasing. He then decided to taste the infusion, and found that it was delightful. He made this discovery known to his people, and the joy of tea has since spread around the world, becoming a staple of many nations and households.

Historical Accuracy

It has yet to be proven whether or not Shennong ever existed. In some forms of literature, Shennong is a god, but in others, he is a man. As Chinese archaeologists seek to prove the existence of Shennong, even the succeeding dynasty, the Xia Dynasty, have yet to be proven conclusively. In any case, Shennong, his adventures, his rule, his teachings – and his discoveries – are embedded in Chinese culture.



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