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where do I get high quality tea


High quality tea is considered to be teas with the most unique taste, the most pristine flavor, and the most pleasing aroma.

High Quality Tea

When it comes to finding high quality tea, you need only to look for the highest quality tea company. Understanding the practices involved in preserving the flavor and quality of a tea will help you to understand which company you should trust to fill your orders. Many people assume greatness by the images, but these photos can be misleading. The truth lies in the quality you receive, not the quality claimed.

Too many companies treat tea like another commodity or product. Tea is more than that and should be handled and stored with care. Its taste must be preserved, while its aroma and appearance maintained. It does not take a tea expert to know the difference between the tea you buy from the shelves of your grocery store, and having delivered fine teas from a small online retailer.

The preservation Of Flavor

If you have only partaken in tea from a grocery store, you have no idea what you are missing. For one, large tea manufacturers do not take the time to preserve the flavor of their “product”. It is rolled off conveyer belts, and packaged by machines on an assembly line. The tea itself is mostly dust, or crumbled tea particles, including stems. This is not quality tea. It also leads to a slightly bitter after taste, which tea should never have.

The Preservation Of Aroma

Tea should have a distinctive flavor, and each blend should carry unique traits. Whether it be subtle notes of cherry, sunflower, or chocolate – each variety should boast its own unique aroma. Smaller companies are usually better able to preserve the aroma of each flavor, because of the time and care these owners are able to put into their own unique preservation methods. They do not allow aromas to comingle with other blends, keeping each unique.

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