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Most people choose loose leaf tea because it provides the greatest control over the amount used, which in turn offers more control over the flavor and strength. It is also considered to be the greatest value by volume, and further offers a higher quality tea.

Why Choose Loose Leaf Tea?

Today, tea is definitely making a resurgence in popularity. Some circles consider it one of the healthiest drinks available – and for good reason. Tea IS one of the healthiest drinks available. It is filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and it even fights free radicals. However, with all this popularity, some still wonder what the difference is – and why choose loose leaf tea.

What Is Loose Leaf Tea?

To put it plainly; loose leaf tea is whole leaves. However, the best way to explain what loose leaf tea is, sis to explain what it is not. Loose leaf tea does not come in a tea bag. It is not the dust and fanning from broken, crushed tea leaves. It is not sold in a big box at the grocery store. It does not have a big colorful tag on the end of a string with a brand name. No, loose leaf tea is none of those things.

Loose leaf tea is the whole leaf. It is genuine. The tea found in tea bags at your local grocery store have very little in common with loose leaf teas. The whole leaf embodies the complete tea; aroma, appearance, and flavor. With loose leaf tea, you are able to control the strength of each cup by deciding how much tea you would like to use, and how long you steep it. Its aroma will be strong, its appearance will be pleasing, and its flavor unforgettable. This leads us to the next difference…

Preparing Loose Leaf Tea

The preparation of loose leaf tea is probably one of the most noticeable differences right from the start. Most prefer to use what is known as a tea ball, or tea tongs. These are metal devices which clasp around the tea, allowing it to steep with the most benefit of aroma and taste. You control the strength, flavor – all of it. When you ask why choose loose leaf tea, the answer becomes simple. Enjoy.


High quality tea is considered to be teas with the most unique taste, the most pristine flavor, and the most pleasing aroma.

High Quality Tea

When it comes to finding high quality tea, you need only to look for the highest quality tea company. Understanding the practices involved in preserving the flavor and quality of a tea will help you to understand which company you should trust to fill your orders. Many people assume greatness by the images, but these photos can be misleading. The truth lies in the quality you receive, not the quality claimed.

Too many companies treat tea like another commodity or product. Tea is more than that and should be handled and stored with care. Its taste must be preserved, while its aroma and appearance maintained. It does not take a tea expert to know the difference between the tea you buy from the shelves of your grocery store, and having delivered fine teas from a small online retailer.

The preservation Of Flavor

If you have only partaken in tea from a grocery store, you have no idea what you are missing. For one, large tea manufacturers do not take the time to preserve the flavor of their “product”. It is rolled off conveyer belts, and packaged by machines on an assembly line. The tea itself is mostly dust, or crumbled tea particles, including stems. This is not quality tea. It also leads to a slightly bitter after taste, which tea should never have.

The Preservation Of Aroma

Tea should have a distinctive flavor, and each blend should carry unique traits. Whether it be subtle notes of cherry, sunflower, or chocolate – each variety should boast its own unique aroma. Smaller companies are usually better able to preserve the aroma of each flavor, because of the time and care these owners are able to put into their own unique preservation methods. They do not allow aromas to comingle with other blends, keeping each unique.


The best tea company is one that can offer you the widest variety, the best prices, and the highest quality.

The Best Tea Company

When you are searching for the best tea company online there are several things you should look for, and several things to keep in mind. For starters, the size of the company does not always dictate quality. In fact, commercial tea manufacturers often use crushed leaves which have past their prime in regards to flavor. The way tea is manufactured by some of the larger manufacturers can also impact its quality. Assembly line tea is not commonly looked upon with favor.

When it comes to high-quality tea, the best tea company is usually a smaller one. One that inspects the quality of their teas by hand. One that understands the expectations and needs of their individual clients, and one that properly stores and handles their tea so as not to degrade its true quality, aroma, or taste.


When it comes to variety, you want to look for a company which offers an abundance of unique and noteworthy blends. Yes, of course they should always have the base varieties as well, such as Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Yellow Tea, Post-Fermented Tea, and Oolong Tea. However, do not be afraid to experiment with infusions, tisane, or any other varieties; even when they are not from the Camellia sinensis.

True tea connoisseurs understand the subtle differences between varieties and types. For those who just plain love tea, but are not familiar with the different blends; try them! A quality tea company online will have in depth and detailed descriptions for each of their unique blends. They will also have some blends which are exclusive to their company alone. Never be afraid to try a new blend. At worst, you tried something new and found that it wasn’t for you. At best, you have found your new favorite drink!

When it comes to finding the best tea company online, all you have to do is find a one that is right for you.

Tea Cocktails and New Year’s Eve: Time to Party!

In your (seemingly) never ending quest to come up with new and delicious drink ideas for your New Year’s Eve party this year, fear not! Here are some delicious and unique blends that involve different varieties of tea. Batten down the hatches, this party is going to kick things up a notch!

Tea Cocktails and New Year’s Eve – Enjoy!

When it comes to tea cocktails and New Year’s Eve, just remember that tea doesn’t always have to be “proper”. You can have a whole lot of fun with the variety of flavors. This New Year’s Eve, mix things up a bit and try these fantastic adult beverages that each use the unique flavor of tea as a base. Not sure how they will taste? Here are some delicious blends for you to test out before setting them out this New Year’s Eve! Enjoy! (P.S. You can thank me later!)

Get Your Fruit On

Want to keep the health train going even while having some fun? Now, this may not be exactly what your nutritionist ordered, but hey…it’s New Year’s Eve, right? Check out this Sweet Orange and Cantaloupe Daiquiri, it is going to make you want to add it to your regular diet! All you need to do is prepare 1 ½ oz. of Sweet Orange Tea as directed. Remove the tea and keep the liquid. Combine 1 ½ oz. vodka, 3 oz. frozen cubed cantaloupe, a splash of lemon juice and 1 oz. of coconut milk in a blender or bullet. Blend well. The drink looks cute and tastes great, your guests are going to love it!

Surprise Guests with a Beautifully Designed Drink

What woman – or man for that matter – doesn’t love chocolate? Grab 4 oz. of Chocolate Pu-erh tea, 2 oz. of some super yummy Dutch chocolate vodka, and don’t forget the heavy cream. Prepare the Chocolate Pu-erh Tea as directed. Whip the cream, a dash of vanilla, and some sugar until it forms stiff peaks. Combine the tea and the vodka and stir. Top it off with the whipped cream, and enjoy! (Tip: Sprinkling a little dry cocoa powder over the cream is an excellent touch!)

Be the Talk of the Party

There are so many people who truly love and appreciate tea, so infusing them with these amazing cocktails adds a new dimension to their depth and flavor. While you are getting ready for your party, it would only make sense to try out some of these recipes ahead of time, right? Go ahead and enjoy some with a few friends before you bring them out to the world. Delicious! This year, tea cocktails and New Year’s Eve go hand in hand!

Why Loose Leaf Tea? Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags

When it comes to the differences between loose leaf vs tea bags, they are as numerous as they are obvious. The Differences are clearly illustrated in the appearance, quality, and most of all – the flavor.

Why Put Awesomeness in a Bag?

Everyday, many tea lovers ask the question, “what are the differences between loose leaf vs tea bags?”You may be used to the convenience of using tea bags to make your hot or iced tea. While it could take less time than making loose leaf tea, what are you missing out on when you drink tea that is made from tea bags? Most of the time tea bags only have the dust and fanning of the tea leaves. Another thing to think about is that the tea actually releases more tannins than full leaf tea. This means that you are going to experience more of a bitter taste than with whole leaf tea.

Bag the Bag – Go Loose Leaf

When you are working with tea bags, you can get better quality than some if you check how big the bag is. When the bag is bigger it may keep from constraining the leaves as much, and that may make it better, but it isn’t the best. When you have loose leaf tea you will see – and taste – a major difference. If you aren’t sure if you can tell the difference, it is easy to experiment. You can taste one after the other and taste the difference for yourself. The brew will be limited with standard tea bags, however, giving you less of an option when it comes to flavors.

Loose Leaf – Because You Deserve It

When you use loose leaf teas you are going to experience aroma and flavor like you have never experienced before in your life. To buy tea off the shelf in your local grocery store, you are basically taking a chance on industrial scale produced teas. These usually sit on a shelf for long periods of time, further degrading their flavor. Indulging on teas that are hand crafted by tea professionals will make your brew amazing, limited only by your imagination. When it comes to loose leaf vs tea bags, the difference is clear.

Crazy For Tea: You Don’t Have to be the Mad Hatter

When it comes to tea party ideas, Alice in Wonderland can be a wonderful inspiration. It is definitely unique, and can take you and your guests to a whole new place.

Throwing the Best Tea Party – EVER

New Year’s Eve is a time to get loose, enjoy what you love and celebrate the newness of things. You have a clean slate to start on! No one can point back to what you haven’t accomplished because it is a new year and anything is possible. Why not have the most amazing tea party ever put on? Here are some fun ideas that can get you started on the right path to a fun frenzy.

Go Through the Looking Glass

Anyone can have a normal party with normal drinks and normal outfits. Why not take a page from Alice in Wonderland and have a rocking party that no one will forget? There are a couple of ways you could do this. You can assign characters to everyone so you don’t end up with a bunch of Mad Hatters and Alices, or you can just do what feels fun? Why not have all Alices? Guys and Gals? You can have so much fun with the costumes, and if you do masks you can really get everyone confused. Especially if everyone is drinking boozy tea and everyone is getting a little tipsy ; )

Interesting Foods

Since you’re going through the looking glass you should consider having strange food concoctions that are each friend’s specialty. It makes is more fun when things are a mystery. You’ll really feel like you are chasing the white rabbit! If you’re looking for unique and fun, then this is going to be something that will hit the spot. The memories that you will create and the fun that you have will be unmatched by any other parties going on around you. They won’t be able to compete, so you’ll be party king/queen – just don’t lose your head.

Tea to Celebrate Friendship

What better way to celebrate your friendship than to have a very personal get together. A perfect time to have all of those silly delicious snacks you both enjoy, and to sip your favorite tea.


Friendship means something different to everyone, except for a few common perceptions. A friend is there for you when you need them the most. A friend is someone you can turn to when you feel alone, or need someone to talk to. When you feel as though no one in the world understands what you are going through – a friend, your friend, will understand every bit. They will never turn you away when you are in need, and they will never walk away and leave you behind.

A Friend in Need…

A friend in need is a friend indeed. That is the saying. But why? Why is it that when we are in need, we are being a true friend? The answer is rather simple, really. You see, when you are in need, and you are open about it with your true friend, you are being open. You are being vulnerable. Vulnerability is the ultimate testament of friendship. Helping someone is heartfelt and kind, but having the ability to ask for help shows your friend that you trust them. You trust them enough to let them in.

What Goes Into Friendship?

Flaws. Differences. Love. Anger. Trust. Joy. Many things make a friendship work. Not just the things you both have in common, but the things that make you both very different from one another. The reason why these friendships work best, is due to balance. One thinks with their heart, while the other uses only logic. One relies on their gut feelings, while the other relies on facts and proof. These things are the very things that draw you both together. These things allow you to both become the balance you each need.

Why Tea?

Tea can be cold or warm, sweet or natural. Tea takes many ingredients, and blends them together. The ingredients create a sense of balance. They are each very different, but together, they create a perfect whole. Each ingredient alone is special, but combined – together – they create something new. The similarities between tea and friendship are the same unique qualities that binds them together, and ultimately, makes them work. Enjoy them with someone you call a friend, today.

Tea for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to show thanks and appreciation for the blessings in your life. Family and friends gather and feast. But what happens afterwards? Why not end the day enjoying a warm cup of tea together to say farewell until next year.

A Time for Blessings

Thanksgiving is a day is full of memories and traditions. There are certain family recipes some enjoy cooking together, and the smell is always delightful. Some are in the kitchen and some are watching football games, while others simply enjoy the conversations. Maybe you have set traditions, or maybe this is your first Thanksgiving as a new family. Whatever the case, it is never too late to create a new tradition. Family comes first, and that is why honoring the old ways should always go hand in hand with fresh and new beginnings.

Tea. A New Thanksgiving Tradition?

After Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten, laughs and conversations have been had, and the pie plates are sitting next to the sink – what happens next? Maybe your family sits and watches a movie, or everyone excuses themselves to nap in separate rooms. Well, this Thanksgiving, maybe you can end the night sitting back around the table or gathering in the living room and saying a final cheers to celebrate, laugh, and further show appreciation for each other, the blessings and the love in the air. Beginning a new tradition is easy. Especially when it is reinforced by love and togetherness. Enjoyment is a fantastic way to start a tradition off right.

Type of Tea to Help End the Day

A simple smooth green tea is highly suggested to help ease and digest that big Thanksgiving dinner. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and increases fat burning which are both great choices after a feast. Green tea helps also helps you to slow down and relax, this is because of a natural chemical called theanine. What better way to end the day then by adding a dose of amazing health benefits to the mix.

Gift Sets for the Tea Lover in Your Life

With the holidays right around the corner, it may be time to start thinking of some gift ideas. If there is someone special in your life who is a tea enthusiast or simply enjoys an occasional cup of tea, these may just what you are looking for.

Tea Cup Sets

Want to make sure each cup of tea is brewed to perfection? Then the Tulippa Cup Set is for you. This set is made of beautiful porcelain and decorated with flowers. Also included is a stainless steel strainer.

The Panchali Tea Cup Set already comes in an elegant gift box and has an exquisite design upon each porcelain cup. It comes with a stainless steel strainer, and holds a perfect 8.5 FL. oz.

If you are looking for a truly one of a kind tea set then you will quickly see that the Kuniko Japanese Tea Set is just that. This a set for one which includes a cup and saucer, porcelain filter, and a beautiful tea pot.

Tin Sets

This is a perfect gift for that loved one, or even yourself. Enjoy your favorite tea anytime anywhere with Tea Secrets Tin Sets. These come in sets of 2, 4, and 6 and are complete with a wooden framed case finished with a walnut veneer. The metal tins each hold 2 oz. and come with tea ball tongs.

Tea Storage

Keep your tea fresh while keeping a beautiful design in your home with the Dimo Glass Container. The design is perfect for an updated kitchen with a stainless steel lid and full glass body. The Glory Tea Tin also holds a beautiful yet simple design, it is a silver tin perfect for keeping your loose leaf tea fresher for a long time.


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