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Teas to Enjoy During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you want to steer clear of all things that may be harmful to your baby. Tea, however delicious and calming it may be, may contain caffeine. Pregnant women may want to limit their caffeine intake during pregnancy. Luckily though, there is also tea that is safe and actually recommended to be enjoyed during pregnancy.

Craving a Pina Colada?

You can enjoy the flavor of your favorite drink during pregnancy with a non-alcoholic Pina Colada Flavored Tea. This delicious blend is made from blossoms which are known to help maintain blood pressure. It also contains rosehip peel which has natural skin benefits because of its vitamin A content. The final ingredients that give this drink its delicious flavor is pineapple cubes, coconut shreds, and apple pieces.

Apple Strudel Anyone?

Trying not to gain too much weight or laying off the sugar this pregnancy? Good news! You can still enjoy the taste of your favorite dessert without the guilt. Apple Strudel Flavored Tea is a tisane tea that encompasses the health benefits of cinnamon, which can help with morning sickness during pregnancy, as well as the common cold. It is also fused with hibiscus and rosehip peel, along with elderberries, almond pieces and savory apple.


Sing a Melody to Your Baby While Enjoying a Delicious Watermelon Melody

The base ingredient in the Watermelon Melody is beetroot, which is known to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. It can also help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes which is a very important risk in pregnancy that every women is tested for. This blend also includes honey dew melon cubes, strawberry slices, apple pieces, and carrot flakes.


Note: Because every women and pregnancy is different, check with your health care professional before beginning any new routines.

Tea Recipes: The Perfect Homemade Latte Tea

Many have given up on drinking coffee for numerous reasons, but miss the simple pleasures of a latte. However, you don’t have to give up anything to enjoy a delicious latte at home using your favorite variety of tea.

If you are a tea enthusiast or simply really enjoy lattes, then this chai latte tea recipe is perfect for you. This is honestly one of the greatest tea recipes I know. This is hon The base of this recipe is black tea, and there are an abundance of health benefits to drinking black tea. These include antioxidants which can help lower the risk of certain cancers, and may also lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. So I guess you can call this drink a “heart healthy” drink for several reasons. It will also elevate your mood by pleasing your taste buds, as well!

This recipe includes other healthy ingredients, too. One of which is cinnamon, which is known to be a natural remedy, able to lower blood sugar in people with diabetes, treat muscle spasms, infections, erectile dysfunction, and much more. Another is ginger. Ginger is commonly known to be a natural remedy for treating morning sickness in pregnant women, and for motion sickness relief.

A rather unknown fact, is that allspice is actually an anti-inflammatory, and anti-flatulence agent. So if you are suffering from any “embarrassing” problems, this chai latte tea is definitely right up your alley! Not only that, but it is also loaded with vitamins A and C for an added health boost in addition to all of the other benefits from the variety of ingredients used in this drink.

To make your latte/tea you will need to gather these ingredients:

1 teaspoon of black loose leaf tea

1/2 cup of half-and half

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/3 teaspoon of allspice

1/3 teaspoon of ginger

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup of water

1 tablespoon of whipped cream

Yields 1 Serving

In a medium pot combine the brown sugar, half and half, and vanilla extract. Cook over a medium heat for 3-5 minutes, then pour the mixture into your cup. Next place the tea in a coffee filter and place in your coffee pot along with the allspice, cinnamon, and ginger. Brew into the cup with the half and half mixture. Then dollop the tablespoon of whipped cream on top, and enjoy!


Halloween Treats: Best Tea Ideas for Relaxing by the Jack O’ Lantern

Halloween means different things to many people, but one thing we all have in common is the love of the Jack O’ Lantern!


You know Halloween is around the corner when you start to see the Jack O’ lanterns on the porches of all of your neighbors’ homes – along with the pile of leaves, proving that it’s fall. Halloween is best known as a holiday for “the kids”. They get all dressed up in their favorite costumes, and hit the road ready for a fun-filled night of trick-or-treating. However, it is not only the kids who should feel overjoyed this time of year.

It is not just about the big night. It is also about the whole family. It is about the anticipation and excitement leading up to Halloween. Some families, for example, watch Halloween movies and decorate their homes, while others sit on the porch next to the Jack O’ lantern and enjoy a warm drink.

If you love searching sites like Pinterest for fun Halloween celebration ideas, or just want to try something new and fun with your family this year, then these two simple ideas may be just what you were looking for. Enjoy these tea ideas for relaxing by the Jack O’ lantern


One idea is a witch themed Halloween tea party. First, cover the table with a scary looking table cloth (think of a witch casting a spell!). Pour your favorite witches brew (your favorite tea!) in a cauldron, or neat looking jar, and place it upon the table across from the Jack O’ lantern.  Next you will need a bunch of candles, glitter, and Halloween decorations. Basically anything that will help set the mood!


Another idea is an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party. Have fun dressing up and having a great time! This party idea is also great for inviting over the neighbors, or surprising kids walking up to trick-or-treat! You can see by the image here that all you need are some creative costumes and a table set out on your lawn topped with candy, tea, and a lot of color! Setting up a few glowing Jack O’ lanterns around the yard will also help to set this most intriguing Halloween party idea.

Great Gifting Options: Teas for the Holiday Season

This is the season where finding the right gifts is top priority. For the perfect Christmas gift, a warm selection of fine loose leaf teas could make the lasting impression you were looking for.

That’s right! The season of gift giving is bearing down upon us. Tis the season to begin searching for the perfect gift ideas for family, friends, clients, coworkers, or bosses. Even though the time is drawing near, you don’t have to wait until the day before to begin selecting your next big gift ideas. Different varieties of tea makes great gifting options!

Finding the Right Assortment

When deciding which teas to send there are several things you may want to consider. One, is whether to send teas which carry a single theme, or a group set of individual flavors. Second, is how you are going to send it? Will it be pre-packaged, or will you create a unique arrangement? Third, is how will you decorate this arrangement, if you decide to do it yourself? And last, will you be complementing your arrangement with additional materials, such as tea ware?

Creating a beautiful gift

Ingredients: To begin, you will need a nice woven basket. You can purchase one of these for very little at a dollar store or a Walmart. You will also need colored cellophane, tape or glue, newspaper, and a nice bow. For a Christmas effect, you will need a bag of cotton balls, green construction paper, and some glitter. Last, you will need your assortment of teas.

  1. Take your basket, and line it with newspaper. This will help to fill it in a little, so your decorations will be easily visible.
  2. Now, fill it in the rest of the way with cotton balls. Be sure to leave the cotton balls fluffy, and have them come over the rim of the basket.
  3. Along the back of the basket, place the green construction paper. You can cut it out to look like any design you wish, or you can leave it rectangle. Slide it down the back of the basket to give it a beautiful green backing.
  4. Now you can begin arranging your teas. Be sure to stand them upright by sliding the corners of the packages down into the cotton balls. You can also lean some of them up against the green backing, or surrounding the tea ware, if you have decided to include any.
  5. Next, sprinkle the glitter all over the arrangement. Be as liberal as you wish, the goal is to be creative and thoughtful!
  6. Now, lay down your cellophane wrapper flat on a smooth surface. Place your gift basket on the center of the cellophane, and pull the corners straight up until they meet in the center. You can secure them by using tape or glue, or a bit of both.
  7. Lastly, place your bow on the top front of the basket.

You have now successfully created an elegant gift basket arrangement that contains a fine assortment of loose leaf teas. Enjoy!

Great Teas to Enjoy During the Fall Season

Tea is great for all seasons and can be enjoyed day and night. There are many flavors that greatly complement the changing weather.


The Changing of the Season

As the wind begins to blow and the leaves begin to fall, you can smell the scent of the fireplace lit for the first time in months. You may also begin to crave new flavors to accompany the change in weather and the new season. Many think of tea as a summer drink, but tea, along with its amazing health benefits, comes with an array of flavors that are perfect warm in a mug.

Pumpkin Flavored Tea

Imagine a warm cup of nostalgia as you sit by the fire. A delicious smooth blend of cinnamon, spices and sprinkled with real pumpkin. That is what you get with Aunties Pumpkin Pie.

Another delicious and popular flavor is pumpkin spice tea. The ingredients in this tea are often black tea, ginger, cinnamon, natural ginger, pumpkin flavors, sweet blackberry leaves, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice.

Fall Season Favorites

The aroma of walnut is sure to help you celebrate the fall season. A definite favorite is Walnut Tea which combines walnuts, coconut shreds, and real pineapple. These delicious pieces are sure to give you an original experience.

Hot cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and fennel makes up the Chai Mate with Green Mate, which is a hot topic in the world of tea drinkers during the fall season.

Apple cider, caramel apples, and apple pie, people seem to love to indulge in the flavor of apple during the October and November months. That must be why Apple Strudel is in such high demand during this time. It combines rosehip peel, hibiscus, almond pieces, cinnamon, black currants, and of course sliced apple commingles.

Tea Party

It may not just be about the type of tea you’re drinking, but the people you are enjoying it with. To further the experience, some families have a tea party. One idea is to make rice crispy pumpkin treats, candy apples, or other traditional Halloween treats, along with decorating the table with fall décor. This will help you and your family to fully enjoy the experience and the bonding that it brings.

Sweet Teas from Around the World

Tea is a loved drink throughout the world, but there are some countries that might just love their sugar just as much as the tea. Whether tradition, or a daily sweet drink, these tea lovers are sure to have their cup ready.

The Sweetest Teas Around

In some countries tea and sugar go together like warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Not only is it a tradition to have these drinks during holiday’s and get-togethers, it is also common ground to have these drinks on hot days, cold days, fun days, boring days, and well you get the picture. It is pretty much a drink to have whenever the mood strikes.

Sweet, Sweet Southern Tea

Some Southern folk swear by Southern Sweet Tea so much, they claim the saying “You are not from the South if you don’t drink sweet tea.” This sweet tea is extremely sweet! If you would like to know how sweet, picture this: a quarter cup of sugar per one cup of water. Now that doesn’t sound too healthy, but that is how they do it and have done for many generations. Sweet tea is made by brewing Black Tea, is traditionally served with ice, and sometimes it is flavored with a squeeze of lemon.

N Lekker Koppke Tee

The region of East Frisia is recognized for its tea culture and amount of tea they drink. German East Frisian Tea is referred to by its residents as n lekker koppke tee, meaning “A delicious cup of tea.” Tea holds strong significance to the culture of East Frisia, Germany. The type of tea used is a strong Black Tea know as Assam Tea. The tea is served with a large sugar rock which is added to the cup first to represent land. Next, the tea is added to the cup which represents water. Finally, the heavy cream is added which represents the clouds or sky. The tea is generally enjoyed during celebrations and gatherings, and can be a staple of tradition morning, noon, and night.

Mint Moroccan Tea

This may be one of the healthier culturally traditional teas of Morocco, because of the use of green tea which is known to have antioxidants and many other health benefits. This again is an extremely sweet tea: about 5 teaspoons per every cup of tea. There is actually a ritual to making this type of tea. It begins with the combination of water and tea. It is first brought to a boil. The next step is to add sugar and mint together in a teapot, and begin mixing them. It is traditional to serve this tea in tiny glasses.

 For the Love of Sugar!

Although there are many health benefits in drinking tea, it is very unhealthy to use large quantities of sugar. In recent studies, it has been proven that people who consumed massive amounts of sugar had the highest blood triglyceride levels and lowest good cholesterol levels. So although these drinks are loved all over the world, just keep in mind your health when consuming these sugary delicacies.

Music and Tea, and More

It is the belief of many, that tea time should be more than a bit of relaxation and silence. Some believe it is the perfect opportunity to listen to some moving melodies.


As tea time begins its resurgence and gain in popularity (the English have been doing it for quite some time, but in the states, it has primarily benefited children entertaining their toys), many are illustrating their new favorite pastime by integrating it with their other favorite pastimes. Some are very original, while others, well…others are just plain silly.

Music and Tea

True blue music lovers are finding that tea time goes perfectly with their love of music. They complement each other in a grand fashion. But what kind of music goes best with tea? Classical music for some, maybe a bit of jazz for others. How about operatic sounds? Here is my suggestion:

  1. Tea for One by Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin achieved fame for their over-the-top tunes. Their grandiose solos and stomach rumbling drumlines were something of legend. Their song, “Tea for One” is the last song from their 76’ album, Presence. Mostly instrumental, this track speaks volumes about wanting and waiting. The bluesy undertones make for a perfect jam to complement a relaxing, possibly decaffeinated, tea.

  1. Tea Song by Róisín O

This song emanates an air of uncertainty when it comes to relationships or romance, yet holds a powerful message about tea. It claims, basically, that a way to cope with the rigors of life – is to make another cup of tea. It seems that this singer may have had personal experience with the healing properties of tea!

  1. Honey Bee by Blake Shelton

This song only mentions sweet iced tea metaphorically, however, the song is perfect for a laid back day sipping on some sweet iced tea!

And more…

Combining activities may also carry additional benefits. Drinking tea while painting, after exercise, during piano lessons, etc., can help to usher in a sense of calm and oneness no matter what you are doing. Combine tea time with anytime, and you’ll have better health and contentment in all you do.


Make Tea Time, Healthy Time

Approximately 85% of tea that is consumed in the United States is iced. Iced tea still has the same benefits as hot tea, however, with iced tea – often times it can be loaded down with sugar.


Generally, when people think of tea, they picture health and relaxation. This can be true for many, however, the outcome is not always the same for all. This is because many have a tendency to saturate their tea with sugar. Some have not yet grasped the appreciation of tea’s natural flavor. Tea is usually a combination of the camellia sinensis plant and many other floral or spice components. Fruit can be added, as well.

Remembrance of the Natural Things

Remembering the qualities of natural ingredients will help you to understand the necessity of keeping things organic. Weighing down your tea with heavy amounts of sugar negates some the health benefits derived from drinking tea to begin with. Excess sugar is fattening, and depletes your natural energy stores. It also impairs your body’s natural ability to regulate or process insulin levels. Too much sugar can even lead to diabetes.

Tea is a fusion of nature’s best ingredients. The ingredients range from China Black Bergamot and cream, jasmine blossoms, and lemon and basil, to seasonal ingredients such as China Black Tea with real pumpkin pieces and pumpkin pie spice.

All natural things offer additional benefits

All natural ingredients means improved health and medicinal qualities. Tea has been known to overcome feelings of anxiety, fight free radicals which causes aging, fight certain types of cancer, and much more. While some studies are inconclusive, there is no denying that tea is simply nature’s best steeped in boiling water to unleash the flavors and aroma. It just doesn’t get any more natural than that.

Tea can also help to improve your body’s natural energy levels, providing a mild boost when it is needed. While tea can contain caffeine or come as caffeine-free, the choice is yours whether to partake in a calming and relaxing blend, or a full bodied energy fusion. With tens of thousands of varieties, your options are virtually limitless.

Oh, and when it comes to sweeteners, sometimes the best to complement your tea – is 100% pure honey. The important thing is to remember to keep it healthy.

Setting Aside Time for Tea: Why Tea time can be Revitalizing

Tea time can be a lot of things. It can be a way to relax and take a break for a while. It can be a time for reflection or remembrance. It can be a form of meditation. Tea time can be a lot of things.


Sometimes our lives can take over. The worries, the hustle and bustle, the fast paced things that can seem to run us down. Our lives become what we do, and sometimes what we do – is work. Our jobs become our personalities and our world around us. Our families notice, because they love us. They care for us, and want the best for us. This is why sometimes, we need to stop and take inventory of our lives, and who we are. We need to remember what is important.

Reassess your Direction

Your direction in life is the path that you are taking in order to get to where you are going. Make sure it is the right one. If it is not, you can always turn around, and find the right one again. Setting aside time during your day is critical to your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. That is why tea time is a perfect event to take on daily.

We each allow ourselves the time to squeeze in another chore, another file, another workload, another thing to worry about – we need to allow ourselves time to reassess, as well.

Reassessing your direction means to stop and take a look at where you are and where you are heading – and by what means you are using to achieve these results. Imagine sitting back with a warm cup of tea with lemon and honey. The soothing flavor and the comforting warmth. This is a doorway to enlightenment. You are allowing yourself a moment to reflect and to reassess. You are now meditating.

Meditating and making corrections

Meditating is simply the act of allowing your mind, body, and soul to relax to a point where it is able to receive information. Be it from your higher power or your inner self, this act can help you to understand what is important to you, and where you should make course corrections. Sometimes we get caught up in our own lives, and forget where we really need to be headed. Tea time can be a time of relaxation, reflection, meditation, and revitalization. Seize the opportunity, and don’t let the rigors of life whisk you away.

Mothers and Daughters: Bonding Over Tea

Mothers and daughters share a bond that is different from any other. The beauty and grace that is the love shared between the two can strengthen future relationships, embracing true companionship and trust.


As we already know, tea is the most popular beverage in the world next to water. Tea boasts health benefits, and has a flavor that is often unmatched. The botanical aroma gives truth to the natural and earthy flavor. The florals which act as accents to the camellia sinensis offer additional organic top notes, while a touch of spice may act as a support to the foundation.


The truest elements when it comes to the enjoyment of tea, is perhaps the state of mind, and the company.

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters enjoy a different kind of bond. It is unique, and shared only between the two. It is for this reason more than any, that mothers and daughters can benefit greatly by setting aside time for tea. This is true when the daughter is but a child, and when the daughter is grown and with a family of her own.

As a child…

As a child, a daughter is kind and sweet, developing a sense of self. Discovery is her true passion, and deep down has no ill-will of any kind. She loves to play “tea time” with her stuffed animals, and often invites mother to play, too.

The stage has already been set for mother to join in. However, instead of pretend tea, mother can invite daughter to make real tea. Complement the occasion with milk and sugar, honey and lemon. This is an occasion for the good tea-ware. Believe me, even the stuffed animals will notice. Just ask your daughter!

As a teenager…

As a teenager, your daughter is experiencing the ups and downs, and rigors of life. They are learning to balance school, home life, relationships, perhaps even a part-time job. It is easy to forget the joys of sitting around the table with the tea and the laughter as a child – so don’t forget! Keep up with the tradition of sitting around the table, enjoying memories, discussing current events in each other’s lives, working out issues, or just laughing for a while. This will reinforce the bond you share, and will subsequently strengthen your love and friendship as you both get older.

As an adult…

As an adult, the little girl sitting across the table playing tea time, will be the daughter of your daughter. She will be kind and sweet, developing a sense of self. Discovery is her true passion, and deep down has no ill-will of any kind. Her mother will be invited to play tea time with her, and her stuffed animals, too.

This time, however, mommy will be inviting a guest of her own – grandmother! As three generations sit and discuss memories, and laughing and relaxing, the world will seem to wait until you return. But for now, a tradition is being made. Bonds are being strengthened. Love is being nurtured. This, in turn, will be taught and shared through the generations. Time will be set aside for mothers and daughters to enjoy each other’s love and friendship. Oh, and the tea, as well.

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